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Empowering and improving the life of underprivileged young girls in Indonesia

We aim to promote the awareness their potential in order to help them gain control of their own welfare. Mestara wants to be part of empowering these women by provide them with skills that enable them to be financially independent, resulting in a positive change to escape poverty.

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Mestara Berdaya Programs

Mestara's first empowerment program took place in an Islamic boarding school located in a small village in Bojonegoro, East Java, where child marriage rates increased by 207.5% in 2020. Given that girls between the ages of 15 and 17 are commonly married off, they often become vulnerable to domestic violence and poverty.


To promote sexual health awareness and help young girls take charge of their lives, Mestara organized a sexual health education and women empowerment program that was attended by 60 girls. The program aimed to prevent underage marriage by providing sexual health and welfare education, as well as a sewing bootcamp that included 92 participants.


Furthermore, Mestara supported the sale of 24 tote bags made by women in Bojonegoro, with all profits going directly to them. This initiative not only helped the women become self-sufficient but also contributed to the overall goal of preventing child marriage by providing economic opportunities for women.

What's Next ?

We are excited to expand our reach and provide information about higher education opportunities and scholarships to more students and schools in Bogor through educational seminars. We strongly believe that creating positive change for girls' education requires collective efforts from families, schools, and communities. To further support this, we will organize a Parent's Day and Group Coaching session for the selected school to ensure holistic empowerment.


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Student at PP Alhamdulillah

Take this sewing training so I can have sewing skills, who knows, maybe one day I can openmy own tailor service and open my own boutique

Morgan James, NY

Lisa Driver, MI

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Student at SMA N 1 Ciampea 

The event was exciting, I have new insight and a lot of new information related to higher education. I want to continue my dream of becoming a bank manager
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Student at SMA N 1 Ciomas

Mestara Berdaya event was exciting and gave out many prizes that encouraged active participation. I gained new insight and motivation that made higher education seem possible.
We are happy to receive donations, media partners or sponsors, and ideas for our next empowerment program.

Want to participate? Get involved!
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