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Mestara English Convo Club Form

Helloooo there 🙋‍♀️

Congratulations for making a step to improve your English speaking skills! With Our Convo Club, you can practice & improve your English speaking skills in a relaaaaaxed group 👩

Ok, here's the deal:

✌🏽 We will send you confirmation email max D+3 after you submitted this form (don't count the weekend, it's hibernation time!)

✌🏽 Receive personal feedback every 2 weeks if you join a minimum of 3 sessions and complete our feedback form.

✌🏽 Question? Contact us: 

Wha's class you want to join?
Are you currently employed?

Thank you for your interest for joining our Weekday Class. Unfortunately due to some circumstances we would have to cancel our Weekday class this month.

Therefore, if you are still interested in joining MCC, please apply to our Weekend Class :)

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